the yellow road

 An origin is highly dependant on the manner its told.  Searching for a name which aptly describes a mindset can be an imagery in itself. Names start popping out from the wierdest of places. A day later you chuck it for another although it seems applicable for the same individual, only in an earlier time scale. I think the name finds you, when it wants to. 

      A few blurred images rush past as though to reach a state of sleep in quite a hurry. A single dot appears which lengthens into a channel. An overview out of nowhere tends to explain that there are many more dots. And there is quite a rush, that even the dots without channels are made to look as though they do, by the ones that do. In a sense of avoidance and enough recognition each channel joined at various places to flow along a single built path as though they really knew where they were going.

     The color just came. What I probably visualized was red but it still vocally translated into yellow. Two days later the Wizard of Oz came by to remind me that the imagery was  an old re-collection.
     I'm Arun Kumar Padhinettampadi Kanagavel. Other than the obvious I try to actively associate myself in treks, writing (obscure gibberish-supposedly) and farming. Studied at the 
Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet, Madras Christian College, Chennai (Bachelors in Zoology) and the Durrell Institute for Conservation and Ecology, Canterbury (MSc Conservation Biology).
     This site is an attempt to display some of the photographs taken by me. I've tended to move away from my original style of photography, to one which is aimed at getting closer to the subject and regarding everything else out of the click-able area. Consiously (if that's the right spelling) back on track, and enjoying it like I once did.

Equipment Used
Nikon D80                                                                                   

Nikorr 18-135                                                                   
Sigma 170-500

Use Ramnath's Macro lens from time to time.